My road to the stage has been unique.  I am trained as an architect and designer, so there's a question that I'm asked all the time: How on earth did you get from a design studio to a stage?  An astute producer recently said over a glass of wine after hearing my story, "If you've been pitching projects, you've basically been doing acting and improv your entire professional life."  He was right - a boardroom is just another kind of performance space.

I've been singing all my life and have always loved theatre.  Every show I found myself  longing, an audience member sitting out there in the dark, wondering what it would be like to stand on that stage in that light.  Wondering if I could do it. One morning I read an article in the New York Times about a community theater group holding open auditions for RENT. Intrigued, I thought: here's an opportunity to quit wondering and find out. So I took a very deep breath, signed up, and did something unimaginable and utterly terrifying - I auditioned. We were asked to sing from the show, and I stood up and belted 16 bars of Take Me or Leave Me to a table of strangers.  Then I got triple cast.  Opening night was magic - I'd found a creative home and a whole new career.

I'm someone that's never halfway in so I went looking for serious teachers, and instead I found mentors.  I have such incredible people behind me.  In a way I've built my own "conservatory" through work with private coaches - vocal teachers who kick my butt; acting teachers and classes that push me to stay open and honest; dance teachers who challenge me to be in my body.  Thanks to my design training I know how to work hard and how to stay focused.  I love the work, the process, and the collaboration from table read to closing night.

When I'm not auditioning or taking classes I write, paint, read voraciously, and travel. I speak Greek (long story!) and enough Spanish and German to get into trouble. This year I got the urge to learn tap - challenging, but mad fun.

I'm up for just about anything. 

And yes, I love hats!